Gazi University Tömer started its educational facilities on 22nd February, 1994. Gazi University TÖMER Regulation has come into use on 20.04.2009 named as “Regulation about Activities Implementation and Control of Research and Application Centers connected to the Rectorate” which was recognized in the meeting (04.02.2009 dated & 1 numbered) of Our University Senate. Up to now, our centre has taught Turkish to more than four thousand graduate and post-graduate students and has enabled them to start their education at universities in our country. In addition, from 2010 our center organizes the courses such as Ottoman Turkish, except from Turkey Turkish, and English, French, Russian, Arabian, Persian and Chinese as foreign languages.


Centres are established according to 7th item of Higher Education Law, 06.11.1981 date and 2547 numbered. Our centre has the following aims:

- To teach Turkish , to open branches to advertise Turkey and Turkish culture , to teach Turkish to foreigners , Turkish children abroad and people willing to learn Turkish.

- To carry out mutual educational , instructional , research , practice and publication activities with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs , Ministry of Education , the related units of universities and other public institutions within the framework of mutual agreements signed by the Turkish Government.

- To start courses for instructors and teachers assigned by the Ministry of Education and the related ministries to teach Turkish within the country and abroad; to provide training facilities, to prepare guides about the countries they will work in.

- To give rewards to the instructors and teachers within the country and abroad to encourage them to teach Turkish better and to advertise Turkey.

- To organize courses for students who come to our country with state scholarships from Turkish Republics within the framework of the Great Student Project; private students from Turkish communities and students from European, Asian, African  and Middle East countries who wish to study in Turkey and foreigners who are in Turkey for trade-industry and diplomatic purposes.


- To prepare programmes and develop methods on the instruction and teaching of Turkish as a mother language , to carry out coordinated activities on this with the related national and foreign institutions

- To carry out studies to develop language teaching methods used in the Turkish Language and Literature, and Philology departments at universities.

- To prepare films and videos and to publish books and booklets that advertise Turkey and teach Turkish with the collaboration of the Ministry of Tourism , the Ministry of Culture and TRT.

- To provide vocational practice courses for the graduates and senior students of Turkish Language and Literature Departments.

- To carry out comparative studies between Turkish and other foreign languages to make Turkish language teaching more productive.

- To carry out research and practice on language teaching methods.

- To organize short adaptation courses for Turkish children living abroad so that they can learn Turkish better.

- To do translations in various languages and to have interactions with state institutions about this.

- To organize Turkish courses within the framework of Campus Europae and Erasmus programs.


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