Following Our Roots-14: Ziya Gökalp
15 February 2022 | 14:00

The conference titled "Following Our Roots-14: Ziya Gökalp" organized by the Turkish Language Learning, Research and Application Center (TÖMER) of our university was held online. Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Bekir Buluç, Director of Gazi TÖMER Prof. Dr. Nezir Temur, and as a speaker Ankara Hacı Bayram Veli University Faculty of Professor. Dr. Serdar Sağlam, academics and students attended.

The session was moderated by Lecturer Mehmet Er, the conference started with the opening speech of Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Bekir Buluç. In his speech, Prof. Dr. Bekir Buluç thanked Prof. Dr. Serdar Sağlam for sharing his deep knowledge and vast experiences by accepting the invitation of our University. Prof. Dr. Bekir Buluç stated that Prof. Dr. Serdar Sağlam, the invited speaker of the fourteenth "On Following Our Roots" conferences series, will share important information about Ziya Gökalp, one of the important names of our national literature and sociology.

Prof. Dr. Serdar Sağlam started his speech by expressing his thanks to those who organized and contributed to the program. Giving information about Ziya Gökalp's life and the conditions of the period in which he lived, Prof. Dr. Serdar Sağlam emphasized that these conditions constitute the foundations of Gökalp's mentality. Prof. Dr. Serdar Sağlam gave general information about Ziya Gökalp's works by talking about his magazine and newspaper works. Referring to the thinkers as well who influenced Ziya Gökalp with his understanding of thought and literature, Prof. Dr. Sağlam said “Ziya Gökalp keeps the concept of nation in a different place. We see this in the works he wrote in the  later years of his life.”

Gazi TÖMER Director Prof. Dr. Nezir Temur, for his valuable information thanked to Prof. Dr. Serdar Sağlam and said “It is not possible to describe Ziya Gökalp with all his aspects in such a short time. On behalf of my university and our Center, I would like to express my gratitude to you.”

The conference ended with a question- answer session.

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