Turkish Language Learning Application and Research Center (TÖMER) of Gazi University is a well-established institution operating in the field of teaching Turkish as a foreign language. Taking important steps towards making the field of teaching Turkish as a foreign language as an academic discipline, supporting and hosting many scientific researches, our Center also has taught Turkish to many students so far.

Our corporate principles in teaching Turkish as a foreign language are as follows:

•At TÖMER of Gazi University, a skill-based language teaching approach is applied. In this regard, TÖMER organizes courses on reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. Teaching of structure is carried out with an impulsive approach in the lessons where skills are taught interactively.

• At TÖMER of Gazi University, a thematic teaching approach is prevailed. The course materials used during the course consist of themes based on the phonetic characteristics of Turkish, the necessity of the subjects in daily life and their relations with each other. Thus, while the trainees learn the words and concepts related to each other together, they first learn the words and patterns that are most necessary for them in daily life.

•At TÖMER of Gazi University, measurement-evaluation processes are run before, during and at the end of the training. Students who start the process with the placement test are taken to the exams at the end of each level. Level classes are renewed according to these exams. Transitions between level classes can be made according to the exam results. At the end of the process, students are taken to C1 exam to be certified.

• At TÖMER of Gazi University, language teaching is carried out through making use of technological facilities. International students at Tömer are offered course materials specially developed for them and enriched with technical possibilities such as Z books, computers, and projection devices, the original productions of experienced lecturers.

• At TÖMER of Gazi University,  Turkish academic courses are organized for undergraduate and graduate students  whose education in Turkey. Academic Turkish materials which prepared by TÖMER of Gazi University expert teams  with the first of its kind in Turkey are used in these courses where international students can be attended by Gazi University C1 certification.

• At TÖMER of Gazi University, teaching and measurement-evaluation processes can also be carried out remotely. Our online courses and exams are accessible from all over the world for anyone with internet and computer access.



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