Gazi Üniversity TÖMER is in a case of to abroad a pop-up window both in the Republic of Turkey and also Gazi University. Our students consist of foreign nationals coming from nearly 100 different countries, especially from the Turkic Republics, Turkish and Related Communities in Asia and the Balkans. Our center teaches Turkish, one of the oldest and deep-rooted written languages of the world; to raise individuals who have an investigative, questioning and analytical mindset, who can lead the society in changing world conditions, and respect human values; It has undertaken to contribute to the lifelong education and development process of societies by accessing, producing, sharing and putting information into practice. Gazi University TÖMER has added to its field of duty to organize foreign language courses for the last six years with the thought that it will contribute to the development and career of students. 


The vision of TÖMER, which includes teaching Turkish to foreigners and contributing to the development of our young people's ability to express themselves in different languages, including foreign language teaching in its field of duty; is to be a pioneering, respected and leading language teaching center at national and international level with its original researches, high-level education, creative activities and services in science and technology.


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