Gazi University TÖMER has made significant strides in the field of Turkish teaching within the framework of our country's national and international goals. Our center is primarily preferred by students from Turkey and abroad who want to learn Turkish. Our institution is in an effort to help everyone who wants to learn Turkish in this field, which is new for our country, with books and teaching materials that end the resource shortage to a great extent. Our publications in this field are used in many countries, especially in language centers in our country. Gazi University TÖMER makes an intense effort to supplement its existing publications and to prepare new materials in accordance with scientific developments in the field of education in order to meet the needs of those who want to learn Turkish. It is a unit that produces knowledge at national and international level as a result of qualified education and training, constantly developing, contributing to societies, and being taken as an example with the students it educates and the knowledge and materials it produces. In all these activities, the fundamental values ​​and goals of our country are taken into account and efforts are being made to make Turkish a "world language".


Gazi University TÖMER is one of the important centers of our country in the field of teaching Turkish to foreigners. Aiming to be the most important center of our country and our region in this field that requires special expertise, in this context TÖMER carries out the following studies:

* Open Turkish courses to foreign students who are Turkey scholarship or coming to our country by their own resources,

* Produce teaching materials related to teaching Turkish to foreigners (book, CD or Internet-based),

* Open Turkish courses for students who come to our country through ERASMUS or other exchange programs,

* Open general and special foreign language courses,

* Make language teaching suitable for technological and communication infrastructures,

* Carry out studies to teach our language in their own places to those who want to learn Turkish all over the world with the distance education method.