Teaching Method - TÖMER - Türkçe Öğrenim, Araştırma ve Uygulama Merkezi
Teaching Method

TOMER is an institution that aims to teach Turkish to foreigners. Our center aims to teach Turkish to foreigners as an academic discipline and has taught Turkish to hundreds of students so far. TOMER has the following principles while teaching Turkish to Foreigners.

  • A skill-based teaching approach is carried out at TOMER. Thus, there are classes based on reading, writing, listening, speaking and grammar. Each different subject is taught by different teachers.

  • A thematic teaching approach is dominant at TÖMER. The class materials used throughout the course are based on the phonetic characteristics of Turkish, the necessity of certain topics in daily life and the relationship between them. Thus, the students learn related words and concepts, and the structures they will need to communicate easily.

  • All students take an exam every month at TÖMER. Students are placed in classes according to the results of these exams. Transitions are possible within classes depending on the exam results.

  • At Gazi University TOMER, language instruction is carried out using technological facilities in our center. Gazi TÖMER offers class materials specially designed for foreigners in addition to technological devices such as TV, computers and OHP.

  • At Gazi University TOMER, a special preparatory program is given to prepare students for YÖS (Turkish Test for foreign students) and TCS (Turkish Test for students from Turkish communities). Students coming to TÖMER in order to prepare for these exams are placed in special classes for eight months and follow an educational program appropriate for these exams. In addition, students are given supplementary courses in Maths, General Ability , Science and Social Sciences free of charge.


At Gazi University TÖMER Turkish lessons have been taught as 960 hours for zero beginners and 5 levels have been determined based on the levels of the students.

Language Levels
1.Basic Level
175 hours
175 hours
2.Intermediate Level  
175 hours
175 hours
3.Advanced Level
260 hours