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Turkish For Foreigners-1

It is a resource book prepared by a commission including the instructors at Gazi University TÖMER who are all specialists in Turkish and Turkish dialects. It has been prepared for students who will attend Basic level (A1, A2 (zero-beginners)) classes at TurcologyCenters and Centers for the instruction of Turkish. It has all the necessary content that will meet a 350-hour basic level Turkish instruction necessary for a student who has just started to learn Turkish. A composition has been prepared with units called “Meeting”, “Our Life”, “Work Life”, “In my free time”, “Our Home and Our Environment”, “From History and the Present”, “ People and Occupations”, “People and Inventions”, “Daily Life”, “Our Hometown, City and Neighbourhood”, “Social Life”, “In the Past and in the Future”, “Question and Stories”, “From Life”, “Thank You and Farewell”. 

Turkish For Foreigners-2

It has been prepared for students who will attend intermediate (B1, B2) and advanced (C1) levels at TurkologyCenters and Centers for the instruction of Turkish. The book consists of 10 different parts. Each part has its own topic and the texts have been prepared parallel to the Grammar Book. While all the text in the book have been written, the sentence structure and meaning details in Turkish have been kept in mind. Every text in this book have been supported with parts called “Comprehension”, “Writing”, “Speaking”, “Grammar”, and “Listening”; grammar structures and phrases in the texts have been examined in related parts. The vocabulary section at the end of the book contains new vocabulary learned in the previous parts in alphabetical order. The tenth part of the book has been written to prepare students for Turkish exams.

Turkish Grammar for Foreigners

It has been prepared for students who will attend “Basic” (A1,A2), “Intermediate” (B1,B2) and “Advanced” (C1) levels at Turcology centers and TÖMER. It is a comprehensive resource book prepared to include all grammar topics that a student might need. The subjects in the Grammar Book have been taught not only as grammar points but also as meaningful units. The topics have been given in a short and clear language and they are supported by additional examples and exercises.

Turkish Proficiency Exams for Foreigners

“Turkish Proficiency Exams” has been prepared to measure the comprehension levels of foreign students studying in Turkey and consists of twelve exams. The mentioned proficiency exams have been prepared parallel to the YÖS (Student of foreign origin) and TCS (Exam for Turkish Communities). This set, which measures reading comprehension, vocabulary, daily speech phrases, basic writing and grammar rules has a total of 720 original questions. This set, which includes 12 tests consisting of 60 questions, gives foreign students an opportunity to see their level of Turkish before exams. The tests also have answer keys.

Example TCS-YÖS Turkish Exams for Foreign Students

It has been prepared parallel to the course books and interactive Turkish teaching CDs previously published by TÖMER.